Welcome to Evelation Press—a different kind of publisher!

Evelation Press is a pioneering publishing effort breathing new life into the publishing
and literary world. By merging the most successful attributes of “legacy publishing” with
more recently adopted practices, we aim to foster heightened interest in literature,
innovative writing and storytelling.

We all share aspirations, struggles, hopes and dreams. Many of us have stories that span
defeat to victory—despair to elation. That said we believe that the most compelling
stories are real stories from real people. We aim to weave peoples’ life stories into deeply
insightful drama that makes for captivating, satisfying and emotional literature.

We aim to foster associations whereby people who wish to share their compelling stories
may do so. We hope the stories shared kindle readers’ imaginations, offer them comfort,
lessen their burdens and bring healing to their hearts. We wish to relate stories that bring
storyteller, writer and reader—full-circle!

Have a compelling story you’d like to share? Have a dream that has set fire to your
imagination? Partner with our writers to elucidate, illuminate and reveal your story.

Please be in touch with us via our contact page . Concisely, within 250 words or less, tell
us about the story you’d like to share. Perhaps we can work on your story together!